The following fee schedule is for Australian Residents and is an indication only.  For a Complete Schedule of Fees, explanations of fees and charges and information for Overseas residents please contact the Bursar.

Tuition Fees for 2016

Updated 17/03/16

Per Annum
Years 7 and 8 tuition $1,230
Years 9 and 10 tuition $1,506
Years 11 and 12 tuition $1,947
Additional Costs
Capital Levy $528 (per family)
Subject and Utility Levies
(includes some excursions) 
Years 7 and 8 $2,000 (approx)
Years 9 and 10 $1,894 (approx)
Years 11 and 12 $1,680 (approx)

Boarding Fees for 2016

Updated 17/03/16

Boarding Bond = $500
 Per Annum
Full Time Boarding Fee $17,933
Weekly Boarding (Mon – Fri) $13,018
Casual Boarding $69/day
Boarders Discount (per additional sibling) $500
Additional Boarding Fees
Transport Levy $800
Infirmary Levy $100
Activities Levy $250

Family Discounts

Family Discounts are available for all students as per the Diocese of Bathurst Catholic Education Office Schedule. This applies to all children in Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Bathurst. Discounts are off tuition fees only (not levies).

  • First Child = Nil discount
  • Second Child = 20% discount
  • Third Child = 40% discount
  • Fourth and subsequent Children = 60% discount

Sibling discounts are not available on levies, resource and boarding fees.

For a complete and accurate schedule of fees, please contact the Bursar

MacKillop College ABN 13 062 453 826

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Boarding Photo Gallery

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